An Ode to the Man I’ve Yet to Meet

When my eyes meet yours, the room disappears,

You look at me with the sweetest smile,

My heart drops to my stomach, it’s all so clear,

You’re who I’ve been looking for all the while,

You take my hand and you ask me to dance,

With no hesitation, I nod my head, yes,

This is a moment I’d be crazy to miss,

Even with no time to prepare in advance,

And the dancing skills I do not possess,

My entire life has led up to this,


I face this day with no trace of fear,

Your face, all I see, as I walk down the aisle,

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years,

Even through the struggles, it’s worth every mile,

I’m so lucky to have had this chance,

To be with someone I need not impress,

Who loves me no matter what goes amiss,

And my silly quirks don’t get a second glance,

Whether cranky or crazy, he loves me no less,

All reasons why, he, I cannot resist.